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Community Based Security and Maintenance of the Lights - Papua New Guinea National Maritime Safety Authority

The Community Development Department also is responsible for managing the CBSML Program which is comprised of six components. This program is necessary being the continuum of the CEP in attending to specific assistance to the established groups and partnerships consolidated under the initial CEP.

The CDD’s responsibilities under the CBSML Program include:

1.4 Community Lighthouse Committees Strengthening

  • Maintain regular communication with the CLCs through letters, mobile phone communication and/ or visits to the community
  • Awareness raising on their roles and responsibilities under the Community Security and Monitoring Agreement
  • Training for Committee members on basic book keeping and report writing

1.5 Awareness Raising and Training

  • Awareness raising aimed at the national, provincial and community levels, to increase awareness of the necessity of keeping the lights functioning as well as to inform about marine safety issues and the CBSML program.
  • Training on cross-cutting issues with focus on components of the CBSML program.
  • Training for CLCs in managing their contractual obligations and responding to lights out or vandalism emergencies.

1.6 Provincial Lighthouse Committee Partnership Consolidation

  • Establishment of Provincial Lighthouse Committees under the Provincial Government structure.
  • Support PLCs to consolidate their role within the provincial structure, as well as to strengthen their ability to act as a focal point for development opportunities related to the AtoN communities.

1.7 Community Development Facilitation

  • Assist the CLCs to optimize the benefits of this payment and any remaining funds from the annual security and monitoring payment K3,400 through additional community development initiatives.
  • To work closely with community development agencies and funders, the PLCs and basic initiatives, linking appropriate AtoN communities with relevant community development opportunities.

1.8 CLC and Landowner Contracts Administration and Monitoring

  • Ensure payments under the Community Security and Monitoring Agreement and Lease Agreements are paid on an annual basis
  • Ensure all parties under the Community Security and Monitoring Agreement are carrying out their duties effectively
  • Attend to reviews and issues arising from the Agreements

1.9 Monitoring and Evaluating Program Results

  • Monitor and evaluate the programs and the effectiveness of the programs
  • Report the results to the NMSA Executive Management and recommend for improvements

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