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National Legislations - Papua New Guinea National Maritime Safety Authority

PNG’s maritime and merchant shipping legislations and their subordinate regulations were enacted to ensure compliance with international standards and best shipping practices that are accepted universally by the maritime nations in the world under the auspices of the IMO. This in turn ensures ship safety in our waters, prevents and controls marine pollution, and leads to a more efficient maritime and shipping industry.

NMSA is the authority that administers the following Acts and their subordinate Regulations.


National Maritime Safety Authority Act 2003
Merchant Shipping Act 1975
Marine Pollution (Ballast Water Control) Act 2013
Marine Pollution (Liability & Cost Recovery) Act 2013
Marine Pollution (Preparedness & Response) Act 2013
Marine Pollution (Sea Dumping) Act 2013
Marine Pollution (Ships & Installations) Act 2013
Small Craft Act 2011
Protection of the Sea (Shipping Levy) Act 2003


Merchant Shipping (Registration) Regulation 2014
Merchant Shipping (Navigational Aids Levy) Regulation 2014
Merchant Shipping (Maritime Security) Regulation 2013
Merchant Shipping (Tonnage Measurement) Regulation 2007
Merchant Shipping (Load Lines) Regulation 2007
Merchant Shipping (Prevention of Collisions) Regulation 2007
Merchant Shipping (Dangerous Goods) Regulation 2007
Merchant Shipping (Deck Cargoes) Regulation 2007
Merchant Shipping (Safe Containers) Regulation 2007
Merchant Shipping (Safety) Regulation 2006
Merchant Shipping (Pilotage) Regulation 2006
Merchant Shipping (STCW Convention) Regulation 2002
National Maritime Safety (Regulatory Functions Levy) Regulation 2014

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